So what is Skype?

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  Skype lets you make free phone calls across the Internet from computer to computer.
  The service achieves this bit of magic using technology called Voice over IP or VoIP for short. Two people download a free piece of software, add a computer headset and away you go making free calls anywhere in the world (see figure 1).

But Skype is more than just free computer to computer calls. Two additional services called Skype-Out and Skype-In (check commercial spelling)add telephone calls to and from people without computers. Yes, you can call people who use only a phone and they can call you. Both of these service require someone to maintain equipment that translates calls from the Internet to the phone network so they are not free. Due to the bulk purchasing power of the company, they do not cost very much. Skype out is a pay-as-you-go service allowing you to call someones phone from your computer. If your child at university is happy to use their laptop but grandma doesn't have a computer, Skype -out is for you. (see figure 2) This is the article text. Placed here to help with the layout design.
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